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I think a lot of people make huge statements, “I’m leaving social media.” When I hit my limit, which I do routinely, I simply do not go on Twitter for four days. It’s great. I select when I wish to belong to social networks. After the election, I didn’t really desire to be online however I had to state something. I don’t do social media. For someone who might have a reputation as a “appearance, I’ll let it all hang out” writer, I’m really not a “appearance, I’ll let it all hang out” individual (or writer, for that matter). As I said in The Argonauts, it would be a nightmare, to me, to have that type of stable, real-time drip.


I guess I’m old made that way. As much as I like specific manifestations of the progressive tradition of a life/art bleed, for me personally, I don’t think of what you’re describingblogging or posting or tweeting throughout the day or whateveras an art practice. It can be for some individuals, but for me, it would not be. I see a lot of my imaginative pals who are going through imaginative blocks, and it’s normally more from them being concerned about themselves and not their creativity, or concerned about how the world perceives them and not about in fact putting out work based upon what you’re doing. I think that becomes more and more of an issue now that social networks is such a huge part of people’s art.

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I always see that occurring to my good friends, and I simply want to shake them and be like, “Stop. Leave of your phone. This is what’s happening to you.” We all get in those zones where we understand an hour later that we’ve simply been scrolling through and do not even understand how you wound up on some girl from Tanzania’s page, like 50 posts and who are you and why am I in this world? It’s bad, however it’s likewise such an intriguing world that we’re residing in.

It does, I believe, a lot of damage for individuals who are truly thinking about producing things. Many of my friends that want to be creative or are creatives that are suffering from a lot of imagination blocks are those people who are really consumed in their ego and showing the ego and comparing themselves to other egos worldwide and not really concentrating on the work that’s associated with producing.

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I work better that method. There’s this tool which might be practical to the readers. It’s a Chrome Extension called StayFocusd. If you utilize social networks for more than a certain amount of time it says, “Shouldn’t you be working?” I use that. I’ll cheat every once in a while. In the afternoon, I’ll finish a lot of jobs then I’ll do some surfing.

And after that I state to them, particularly if I’m speaking to somebody reasonably young who actually may not have actually believed about it, that you need to recognize that this god of yoursthe internetthe alpha and omega, the end-all and be-all that owns all of the hours of your day, and your shopping, and your sex life, and your research study, and your work, and your child-rearing, and all of your social communication that web was created without a web.